The company has been funded by the founders and angel investors, as well as with a grant from the Massachusetts Life Science Center and M2D2.  The team has been able to prototype, demonstrate, and protect the core principles of the technology.  Cre8MDI is in search of an infusion of capital to complete in-vivo testing devices and a hospital monitoring interface for patient testing. Contact us:


Cre8MDI continues to grow its intellectual property portfolio worldwide.  Our proprietary technology resides in the signal processing algorithms, the sensor design, and the “ease of use” technology utilized to administer the diagnostic exam. Many provisional and utility applications containing numerous inventions have been filed.  It is anticipated that more patents will be submitted in the future. Some of the inventions are not only applicable to the present and future efforts of the company, but may also be beneficial to other companies outside of the area of arterial stiffness. These inventions may be licensed to other companies for increased revenue.  



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