Patient Story: Heart Attack


We connected with Dave Michaels on twitter, owner of Davradio Productions & The North Texas Sports Network, and he was gracious enough to share his story with us.

In January of 2008, Dave said he had first experienced symptoms of a cardiovascular event, they were not intense from the start, but soon showed themselves to be something serious.

It started on a Sunday, when I was at dinner, and felt a tightness in my left forearm, almost like I had pulled a muscle, it was very annoying, but I figured it was nothing, then later that evening, I felt tightness in my chest, but wrote that off to bad food, slowed my breathing down, and just let it go!

With a stressful and busy week ahead Dave continued working, but by midweek he still didn’t feel right. This was no longer a feeling of pulled muscles or bad food – this was serious. He left work as soon as possible and brought his dog to a friend’s home, then tried to relax.

About 20 minutes into staying there, I felt the pain go from my forearm, up my shoulder then into my neck and jawline – CLASSIC symptoms of having a heart attack! So—instead of calling for an ambulance to come and get me, I  got into my truck and drove to Richardson Medical Center, and walked into the emergency room.
I know that you are not supposed to drive yourself to a hospital when you are in crisis…. BUT!!!!!!!!!! I was confident enough to know that if I could make it without any gas in the truck (which I was on fumes) I would be ok!

Once inside there was a nurse who was distracted with other patients,  but when seeing Dave clearly in pain asked him to write his symptoms. He could barely scribble out the words “Chest pain!” After X-rays and Sonograms, they determined his right heart value was 78% blocked, and he would need a Stent Procedure and Angioplasty.

With a family history of heart disease and this major cardiovascular event, Dave now understands the necessity of preventative care. Since his major heart attack he took action to lose weight and eat right. He has lost and kept off 78 lbs since 2011.

Thinking back, I am guessing I could have maybe fended off all of this had I not gained so much weight. I do watch what I eat now with better care. I try and eat much better balanced meals of fish and poultry, and on occasion meat (beef). For the most part I keep the diet simple!

Thank you for sharing your story Dave! We hope that our medical device will help detect these arterial blockages earlier so patients like you don’t have to experience a dramatic cardiovascular event like the one described above.

Dave Health Transformation

Dave Michaels
Owner – Davradio Productions & The North Texas Sports Network
Director of Communications of the Texas Marshals

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