HEART MONTH: February 2016

Every day at Cre8MDI words like “heart, cardio, arteries, blood pressure” and more are discussed, but this is not the norm across America. Many people never consider their heart, until it’s giving them trouble. As the most important muscle in your body, your heart’s condition should be a priority in your life.

The American Red Cross has campaigned to make February “Heart Month” with WEAR RED campaigns, jump rope competitions in elementary schools, and fundraising campaigns to bring to mind the heart and its well-being. Many organizations and clinics have joined the campaign to bring heightened awareness to the general population.

The American Heart Association has defined what it means to have ideal cardiovascular health. Known as “Life’s Simple 7,” these steps can help add years to your life:

  1. Stop smoking

  2. Maintain a healthy weight

  3. Engage in regular physical activity

  4. Eat a healthy diet

  5. Manage blood pressure

  6. Take charge of cholesterol

  7. Keep blood sugar, or glucose, at healthy level


3D Printing

Our current prototype has been rendered with our Lulzbot 3D Printer. The current 3D representation showcases our proposed design for the final device.

3D Printing has been an outstanding tool for our team. We have been able to print samples of all our concepts. We use 3D printing to speed our development time by “instantly” being able to print mechanical parts including brackets, enclosures and new versions of our “egg.”

Predicting Cardiovascular Disease with Ease!

Cre8MDI is a medical device startup company which designs, develops, and patents medical devices. Our mission is to develop and commercialize innovative diagnostic devices that will improve the quality of healthcare and reduce cost through prediction, early detection, and monitoring.

In early 2014 we launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund our next stage prototype. Please take a few moments to view our video and find out more about Cre8MDI and how we are “Predicting Cardiovascular Disease with Ease!”