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“Every 25 seconds, one American will have a coronary event,

and every minute one American will die from one.”

Cre8MDI is a medical diagnostics start-up company. The company’s mission is to apply innovative technology to improve the quality of healthcare. We believe that the key to improved health is through prevention and early diagnosis. Cost effective, easily accessible, diagnostic devices are essential.

Cre8MDI is applying its patent pending innovative technologies and past start-up experiences towards this goal.

According to a recent study published by the American Heart Association, more than 2,000 people in this country die of a preventable cardiovascular disease every day.

Prevention and early diagnosis is the key to wellness. Although the 2D/3D images provided by MRI or CT scans are impressive, they are unfortunately extremely expensive and only found in hospitals and specialized clinics. The only way to access these is to suffer symptoms (often acute, and regrettably too late) and obtain a referral from a primary care physician to see a specialist, who then prescribes the scans. This approach is reactive no proactive. What if the primary care physician, or even the patient, were empowered to do simple predictive diagnostic test that could catch those pre-warning signs? This is the vision of Cre8MDI!

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