“Working with a combination of the right investors and advisors

is a secret ingredient to start up success.”   -David Roth, FORBES

Cre8MDI has aligned itself with a team of advisors who are experts in their field.

Dr. Viachaslau Barodka, and team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Medical and Scientific Advisor

Dr. Barodka is the chief contact at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for clinical input and testing.  He is joined by a world renowned team that has been studying and writing papers on PWV for many years including Dr. Dan Berkowitz, Dr. Daniel Nyhan and Dr. Jochen Steppan. They all see many uses for the technology we’ve created and how to apply it within the PWV arena.

Dr. Amad Tayebi, Legal Adviser (Patent Law)

Dr. Tayebi is a patent attorney involved in preparation and prosecution of patent applications, infringement, and validity opinions.  He has authored numerous technical and law articles and 25 U.S. patents.  Dr. Tayebi, professor at the University of Massachusetts, also has extensive research, industrial and business experience in the fields of thermoforming, fibrous structures and processing of fibrous materials, filtration, fluid transfer through porous media, fiber-reinforced composites, respiratory protective devices and design of automated assembly equipment.


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